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Prof. Xiaolong Hu

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Nature Photonics features our research in the News & Views section

Nature Photonics published an article in May 2022 entitled "Polarimetry of faint light" in the News & Views section, introducing and commenting on our group's recent research on polarimetric measurements and imaging based on a fractal SNSPD. The link to the article is as follows:

Pitruzzello, G. Polarimetry of faint light. Nat. Photon. 16, 343 (2022).

Our group proposed the polarization-insensitive fractal SNSPD in 2015, and then carried out a series of research work in devices, systems, and applications:

Fractal SNSPD proposed in 2015: 

First fractal SNSPD device in 2018: 

Fiber-coupled fractal SNSPD system in 2020: 

Fractal SNSPD with high detection efficiency and high timing resolution in 2022: 

Application of fractal SNSPDs in polarimetric measurements and imaging of faint light in 2022: